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Guitar Wireless Transmitter EN-8 Wireless Transmitter for Guitar and Bass

Guitar Wireless Transmitter EN-8 Wireless Transmitter for Guitar and Bass

SKU: NCL-EN8-2023

EN-8 Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver System for guitar, bass, violin. This a U band wireless aduio transmitter system, it has been paired from the manufacture. for pairing instructions please refer to the instruction manual included in the package. This device allows the freedom of being able to move around and not be stationary due to a guitar cable. The EN-8 offers a sleek slim design, that is foldable to fit most jacks. Items included are one transmitter, one reciever, one USB cable mainly for charging the device and connection adapter. The device comes in its own box with a protective foam lining.


Wireless Guitar Transmitter that is rechargeable UHF wireless audio digital pick-up, can receive kit for electric guitar, bass, violin etc. UHF, with adjustable frequency, fine choice for various music playing setting. No Messy Cables Our professional wireless system will offer your better performance experience with advanced 2.4G wireless digital transmission. Gives you the freedom to be with out the guitar cables and walk in the stage without the limitation of wires. Plug and play design, easy and convenient. Better Performance This device broadcasts in the 760MHz frequency band, successfully avoiding the interference caused by TV stations, public broadcasts, and other high-power signals. Preset 6 frequency ranges enable band players to use 6 pairs of equipment simultaneously without interference from each other! Always Clear High-quality sound guaranteed! Enjoy the broad band response, crystal sound and overtone with 20Hz-20KHz and 24bit/48KHz. Original clean, bluesy, tremolo, and metal performed by our products are absolutely superior. Stage Friendly Less than 12ms latency, synchronizing the sound with the player's moves. The transmitted sounds are highly intact and stable. Besides, it can continuously work for up to 6hours. 30m open distance transmission when there is no interference. Compact & Portable With its lightweight and compact design, the wireless guitar transmitter is ideal for carrying around on music tour and stage performance. It won't add extra weight to your instrument and allow you to perform at the best. Specification Model EN-8 Material ABS Delay <12ms Sampling Rate 2.4bit/ 48KHz Operating Band 760 MHz ISM Worldwide Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz Range ≤30m/ 98.4ft Dynamic Range >105dB Power Supply Built-in 600mAh Lithium Battery Product size about 46 x 75 x 12mm/ 1.8 x 3 x 0.5in Package Contents include….

1 x Receiver

1 x Transmitter

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

Wait is 4.9oz

Package size 6x5x3

This item is sold As-Described


  • Specifications

    Type-- EN-8 Transmiter/Reciever Pickup

    Orgin-- China

    Model Number-- GT-EN9

    Use--Guitar, Bass, Violin

    Material-- Plastic/ABS

    Product Name-- EN-8 Wireless Adudio Transmitter

    Sample Range-- 24bit/48 KHz uncompressed digital transmission

    Latency-- less than equal 12ms

    Range-- Greater than/equal 100ft outdoors or 50ft wall distance.

    Operating band -- 2.4G hz Range


    Dynamic Range--Greater than 105db

    Frenquency Responce-- 20-20kHz+1dB/-3db

    Power Supply--Built in Regargeable lithium battery (600mAh)

  • Contents

    Audio Air System Box

    USB charging cable

    Jack Adapter

    One Transmitter

    One Reciever


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