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CP 80 Caline Ragnark Reverb and Delay

CP 80 Caline Ragnark Reverb and Delay

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The "Ragnarok" is based on CP-26 snake bite, CP-80 takes it up a notch combining the reverb and digital delay in one pedal with separate control switching. The new option gives great tonal effect while creating a variety of warm ambient sounds.

The Reverb is lush while The Delay side gives up to a 600ms delay time. There is plenty of scopes to combine both sides and create your own atmospheric sound.

PRD -  Sets the delay time 

Decay - Sets the length of the reverb 

Mix - Controls the amount of reverb 

Level - sets the level of delay signal, which mixes with straight guitar tone. 

Delay - controls the delay time from 25ms to 600ms 

Repeat - controls the repeat of the delay signal.     


  • Specs

  • specs


     Aluminium alloy casing

    Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative

    Current consumption: 150mA

    Product Dimensions: 11.9x9.4x3.8cm

    Weight:0.35kg 14.5oz 0.90625lb

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